Teacher: Prof. dr. Marcus Alden



The field of using laser diagnostic techniques for combustion studies has during the last decade exploded thanks to the ability for spatially and temporally resolved measurements using new advanced instrumentation. With the help of this critical parameters can be measured, e.g. temperature, species concentration, velocity and particle/surface characteristics.

In this workshop we will discuss and present the fundamental aspects of laser diagnostics. Explicitly, a brief introduction to the spectroscopy required for many of these techniques as well as a presentation of equipment used for these experiments will be made. In addition to this there will be introductions of various techniques, e.g. laser-induced fluorescence, LIF, for minor species detection, Raman scattering for major species and Rayleigh scattering for thermometry. There will also be brief presentations of techniques for soot particle detection, and, if time permit, more advanced techniques based on non-linear optics, e.g. CARS, which allow detection in very harsh environments thanks to their coherent nature. During the workshop examples from both laboratory well defined experiments as well as very applied experiments, in many times under industrial conditions, will be discussed